Wireless Connectivity via Light

Wireless Problems... Solved.


With backbone bandwidths on aircraft getting smaller because of user congestion, this problem will only get worse as more items go wireless (iOT smart devices) and file types continue to grow (4K/8K Resolutions, Dolby Atmos encoded content).

Current Solution

Wireless radio frequency (RF) solutions. These solutions severely add to aircraft weight and radio frequency (RF) signatures. Not to mention all the wireless radio frequency (RF) issues and limitations.

What's changed?

With Wireless RF data density limitations, and as the wireless radio spectrum getting severely congested (according to the FCC).. Other viable solutions have been researched over the years. Lately (within the last 8 years), an emerging technology that utilizes light waves to communicate data (LiFi or Light Fidelity) has been developed and is slowly getting commercialized. Using a decades old technology used by telecom companies to communicate over fiber optics, LiFi is built from a solid foundation but instead of using cables to transmit the data, it uses the visible light used to light our homes, cars, workspaces, and airplanes.

Up until this point, the technology has only been able to achieve relatively small data transmission rates, usually within 100Mbps – 500Mbps or so, with 1 Gbps being the typical max.

Key to the future...

A new technology has the potential to be a huge step change in this technology exponentially increasing data transmission rates into the 10's and even 100's of Gbps.