Born of Innovation

Spectrum Networks was founded by long time aerospace industry professionals, working to revolutionize lighting and wireless connectivity in aviation.  We’re passionate about delivering a reliable solution to dramatically improve wireless content & data distribution while making aircraft cabins safer environments for all.

Our mission and focus will steadfastly remain on our customers, creating innovative means to not only advance wireless technologies by harnessing the power of light, but protect those same passengers in aircraft cabins around the world from invisible threats.

The advantages of LiFi are limitless and continuous development of this technology will enable a wireless revolution. With the ever-growing need for wireless connectivity, and flexibility of the LiFi spectrum, continual development of LiFi is the way of the future. 

LiFi market projected to be worth more than $75 Billion by 2023 (according to Global Market Insights), with increasing technology demands and the impending RF spectrum crunch fueling that rising demand.


Spectrum Networks has been assessed by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. and found to be in conformance with the requirements set forth by ISO 9001:2015 for the Design and Manufacture of Aerospace Certified Lighting Products using LiFi, FAR-UVC, Laser and LED Lighting Technologies. 

Certificate number: C2023-01667   View Certificate