In addition to our product offering, we also know that...

Operating & Maintaining Private Aircraft is a Complex Job

Juggling an ever-fluid calendar while being responsible for implementing avionics mandates, addressing service bulletins, and supporting both standard and unscheduled aircraft maintenance is incredibly stressful and time-consuming.

When it comes to the cabin, the task becomes more unpredictable, frustrating, and at times, borderline unmanageable.

The speed of consumer technology evolution continues to both raise the bar for what is expected in the principal's asset and accelerates parts obsolescence issues.

System suppliers struggle to keep pace with this change and are often unwilling to offer a single custom product solution versus pushing an entire cabin management system upgrade which is both costly and schedule prohibitive.

Assuming an acceptable solution can be found after an extensive search on your part, navigating engineering packages and certification is the final straw that makes a desired cabin upgrade just too much to handle.

This is where Spectrum can step in

We will be your partner, behind the scenes. A team of proven industry professionals, leveraging our extensive experience and network of global contacts to support your specific needs, which may include:

  • Carbon Fiber Infused 3D Printing

  • Vendors (IFE/CMS/Avionics)

  • MROs

  • Completion Reps

  • Interior Designers

  • Engineering Services

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content Sourcing

  • Certification Packages (Product/Project)

We Understand... and can help.

Have an obsolete product that the supplier will not replace? Let us do the research, present solutions, and have the product manufactured to match specs.

Have a cabin technology upgrade you want to implement? We will gather all engineering and certification data to facilitate an expedited and more cost-effective installation on the aircraft.

We understand that cabin technology can lead to an AOG situation, so we move with purpose and keep you informed. Let us tackle the things other suppliers push back on or seek to avoid.

Cutting Edge Carbon Fiber Infused 3D Printing Capabilities

Carbon Fiber Printing with Unparalleled Accuracy & Reliability

Spectrum Networks’ utilizes cutting edge carbon fiber infused 3D printing technologies to create custom designed mechanical drop-in replacements to minimize aircraft integration efforts and downtime.

Reinforced parts can be up to 2.5x stronger than machined aluminum at a fraction of the weight.

Purpose built for Aerospace Flammability & Traceability requirements under 14 CFR 25.853.

Interested in replacing heavy weight aluminum parts with custom carbon fiber infused alternatives? Contact us for more Info.