LiFi - What is it?

In short LiFi is basically the same as the fiber optic cables that telecoms & broadband services use to send vast amounts of data over… but without the cable.

  • LiFi works by using light waves (visible, ultraviolet, & infrared) to bidirectionally transmit data through the air as opposed to Wi-Fi which transmits data over radio frequencies.

      • FCC had warned that Wi-Fi is close to critical capacity, where LiFi is has almost no limitations because the visible light spectrum is 10,000 times larger than the entire radio frequency spectrum. (The electromagnetic spectrum for LiFi communication ranges from 200 THz up to 800 THz)

  • Because the components required to deploy this technology are much simpler than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, integration of this technology can use components that are already integrated in your devices. In fact, applications already exist in the iOS and Android app stores.