LiFi Advantages

Not all wireless communications are created equal.

On aircraft, LiFi will allow connectivity at all times, without creating electromagnetic interference (EMI) with sensitive radio equipment on the flight deck. 

Greater bandwidth, more speed. Produces speeds in excess of 100x speeds currently available in Wi-Fi with 1,000x more bandwidth.

Unlike radio waves, light waves are blocked by physical barriers like walls or shaded windows.  This makes it possible to contain the signal in an enclosed area, minimizing the risk of network penetration or jamming.

LiFi saves energy by combining two functionalities: Lighting & Connectivity.  The same source of your light can be used to transmit high speed data while only using negligible additional power for transmission. 

LiFi vs Wi-Fi

Today we communicate on EXTREMELY congested radio frequency bands that often interfere with each other.

We already know that Radio Frequency based wireless communications can't support the IoT that is our connected future.

The visible light spectrum can... being approx 10,000 x larger than the entire radio spectrum and completely untapped.

Geolocation capabilities can also be enabled with LiFi.