Not your average light source...

More Efficient

Higher output power

Consistent Output

Tightly controlled optical specifications No calibration/bin coding required

Superior Performance

High spectral purity

Superior signal to noise ratio


Reflected, safe, incoherent, high quality white light

Brighter. Smaller. Smarter.

100x Luminance

Brighter than LED

10x Distance

Farther throw distances

100x Faster

Modulates faster than LED

10x Contrast

Sharper light contrast

The future of lighting and connectivity is Laser LiFi

LiFi: Light that communicates

Lasers have been used in communications for decades. LaserLight enhances the capability of lighting to enable ultra-high bandwidth for high speed, wireless communications. LaserLight enables airborne communication at speeds 100x FASTER than LED. As LaserLight is adopted by more applications, this technology is expected to play a role in enhancing the capability of lighting to enable new communication and sensing networks for smart cities and intelligent home in next generation, AI-driven IoT applications.

Advantages of LaserLight in LiFi communications

Professor Harald Hass

University of Edinburgh