Air & Surface Sanitization

UVC - The Germicidal Wavelength

Scientists have known for over 100 years that UV light has the ability to kill bacteria, and viruses like the common Flu and COVID-19.  However conventional UV lamps pose health risks, including damage to skin and eyes.

Common uses of UVC are:

Air & Surface Disinfection

        o  Food Processing Plants

        o  Hospitals

        o  Public Transportation

        o  Biotech

        o  Commercial Kitchens

        o  HVACs

Water Disinfection



        Water Treatment

However, a new UVC wavelength has been discovered...

Kills 99.9% of airborne viruses even at very low exposures

Far-UVC light kills virus without skin or eye damage

Studies by a team of Columbia University researchers show that a narrow-wavelength band of ultraviolet light kills airborne viruses, like COVID-19, without damaging human skin or eyes.

Narrow-wavelength light holds promise for curtailing the rapid spread of viruses in the future, researchers said. The new technology would allow people to be in proximity to one another without fear of widespread infection.

It differs from conventional germicidal ultraviolet light because it is near the end of the ultraviolet spectrum and cannot deeply penetrate human skin. Called far-UVC light, it kills 99.9% of airborne viruses even at very low exposures.

Without damaging human skin or eyes

We have the technology to help stop the spread of...

222nm FAR-UVC Air & Surface Sanitization

Technology breakthrough that can be used in occupied spaces, continuously disinfecting surfaces and destroying 99.9% of airborne pathogens.

Simple.  Safe.  Effective.  CONTINUOUS.

Things are about to change... In a BIG way.

Supporting Industry Studies on FAR-UVC

Meets FDA, EPA & IEC Guidelines


Hard to believe this article was written almost 4 years ago!  

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is not done with us, no matter how badly we want it to end.  

As we’re now in the third year of the Covid-19 Pandemic, solutions are finally becoming available to help fight the spread of disease.  

For the first time we can now CONTINUOUSLY sanitize the air and surfaces in occupied spaces, (efficiently & effectively) inactivating pathogens before they spread.

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